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About the project Edit

Protei is a shape-shifting, open hardware, sailing robot that senses and cleans the oceans. Originally invented to clean up the BP Oil Spill that pulled long oil sorbent using wind power by Cesar Harada, Protei is now a platform technology to transport scientific payload and clean up equipment at sea that was developed by a global community of scientists, engineers, makers and sailors.

Protei's purpose is to understand and protect the oceans. There are several environmental issues Protei would eventually contribute to mitigate:

-Oil spills (sensing and cleaning)
-Plastic debris accumulation (sensing and cleaning)
-Radioactivity sensing
-Fisheries monitoring
-Coral reefs and natural reserve monitoring
-Algae blooms study
-General oceanography | instruments
-Surface data relay from underwater instruments to satelite


In what ways is this project unique and creative? Edit

The open-sourced development of this sailing drone has one core groundbreaking innovation: the shape-shifting hull. Protei has no centreboard nor rudder, The entire hull changes shape to give our sailing robot unprecedented control of its trajectory and sailing properties.

What is the social value of this project? Edit

A working Protei drone swarm is able to efficiently clean and monitor oceans at low-cost and without necessitating human power. Powerful and maneuverable drones are very useful in efforts to clean oil spills, radioactive spills and plastic trash in the ocean.

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