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About the project Edit

Led by a Web developer and a marketing specialist, Project Label strives to produce people-powered social nutrition labels. Instead of food nutrition labels that show impact on consumer’s health, Project Label’s labels show a company's social and environmental impact. The labels are created using the power of the Web, where consumers, businesses, and organizations are provided with simple tools to add, discuss, and vote on credible news, media, and research to help build the labels. Project Label’s goals are to create open communication and goal alignment between consumers and products, increase corporate reporting and transparency, and increase awareness of issues related to CSR. The team brings together those passionate about the Web and social change.

In what ways is this project unique and creative? Edit

Project Label is unique as it took the concept of common food nutrition labels and applied it to companies' social responsabilities record. The resulting social nutrition labels brings about the same benefits as the common food nutrition ones: the ability for consumers to compare two similar products, it motivates the search for knowledge, etc. But there is more creativity to Project Label: the crowdsourcing aspect. Unlike traditional nutrition labels, however, Project Label relies on the crowds to gather and weigh the evidence that goes into its rankings. Visitors to the site are invited to submit articles relating to companies’ social or environmental impact, thereby opening the topic for voting by the site's community. As votes on particular issues accumulate over time, the social nutrition labels of the companies in question gradually change to reflect users' opinion of the impact of the news.

What is the social value of this project? Edit

Project Label aims to build off this model and strive to provide the consumer with a standardized way of comparing similar products in terms of the products' social impacts. They believe that if you give the consumer information in a clear and simple way, the consumer will listen. As with food nutrition labels, social nutrition labels will motivate consumers to learn about social issues in order to make more informed decisions when choosing between product A and product B. The result will be a high demand for socially nutritious products and thus a greater supply. Companies will no longer have to make a financial sacrifice to create a positive social impact since the value of social nutrition is much high... which of course, would result in a happier and healthier society and planet.

What is the potential of this project to expand and develop? Edit

It can expand to brand all over the world and can include feedback from Internet-users around the world. The experience is in itself international as many brands and companies work all over the world.

The only “negative” aspect: as with any young site with a primary offering reliant on UGC, Project Label will need a core group of dedicated users who really, really care about CSR to build out the site's content enough to make it a valuable resource.

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What is the business model of this project? Edit

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