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Think about how to orient our societies towards an authentic type I civilization – transhumanist technoprogressive – by bringing greater visibility to human evolution.


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About the project Edit

Based on the book “Les enfants de demain” (Children of Tomorrow) about the strange and very secret Hp-1 Project, this project aims to prepare us for the arrival of a new humanity that is more generous, more intelligently creative, characterized by an apparition beside us – the Homo pertinens who, according to the principles of natural selection described by Charles Darwin, have a strong plausibility to succeed us, the Homo sapiens.

Therefore, we will learn that modesty from another human able to count four times faster than us because neurally connecting two cognitive faculties of the brain that we only know how to use one to one.

We will then learn that not only that hypocritical tolerance is fair, but the sincere and really spiritual way of understanding a difference filled with love and respect from children much wiser than ourselves when our absurd pollution – in the name of greed – will completely destroy our beautiful planet Earth, establish on Saturn’s and Jupiter’s moons Titan and Europe, to found a type I civilization (according to the categorization of Nicolaï Kardashev and his followers – who perhaps by his greatness, his inventive ingenuity, (in biochemistry, astrophysics, engineering, as well as economy and political science) will create a meeting with a type VI civilization.


In what ways is this project unique and creative? Edit

This project is presented in a hard science fiction book (truly scientific SF) and shows us a new species of humans “made” not from genetically- modified organisms, but from genetically-accelerated organisms (please read the article below). It is anchored to the project “Kardashev Homo pertinens epigenesis” presented on this platform in the Imagination for People structure and dynamically invites us to work from our own biology and our own psychology to evolve the human species.

What is the social value of this project? Edit

The social value of this project is to go from scientific imaginary literature to its application: reading can drive us to think, to develop a free opinion ourselves, to have the desire to think about the human future, to share opinions on what could become of humanity with other readers.

What is the potential of this project to expand and develop? Edit

Science fiction literature has an immense audience. A book that presents a project on future humanity as the one proposed in the Hp-1 Project commits to expanding through the many networks that try to transmit possible science towards what we project.

What was the triggering factor of this project? Edit

The triggering factor of this idea to write a proactive science fiction book that presents a organized evolution project of our humanity is the general conclusion of high level of barbarity of the present pseudo “civilization” marked in particular by the disorganization of demographic institutions and use that drive to a massive threat that ruins the lives of tens of millions of people on the planet.

This finding that is supported by the observation of the fact that expressing such projects in scientific imaginary literature is often the premise of the mass consciousness that goes from literature to the intellectual, cultural, then progressively sociopolitical, even institutional and economic domains.

What is the business model of this project? Edit

The project’s business model is the social economy of the post-Keynesian market that will be objectively and imperatively necessary to create in the decades to come in order to avoid wars that will become counter productive (even for those adept in Orwellian conflict studies) even dangerous, since humanity is currently evolving towards a global, planetary network that reinforces itself and makes us all more and more united to each other. buy my book

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