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In what ways is this project unique and creative? Edit

it is a project whose characteristic is based on the combination of four factors
1 - zaï
2 - the technique of bunds
3 - the technical filtering dikes
4 to 1 modest irrigation system
Indeed, the combination allows high production farming plots.
1 - zai allows to concentrate the organic manure and the humidity just at the foot of seedlings. allowing a great saving in time and energy
2 - stone bunds, can limit the erosive power of the runoff event of heavy rainfall and especially promotes greater infiltration and also the deposition of sediment.
3 - the filter dam, it also limits the erosive power of runoff during heavy flooding see.
4 - the irrigation system, it occurs when there is sudden and early cessation of rain and seedling supply water until the return of the rain.
this agricultural activity, it will be combined breeding sheep, poultry, not only to diversify the sources of income of farmers but also have the manure should be noted that gardening will also be a place of choice.
mageur the fact is that all this will be grafted a Food Processing Company (EAA-BF) for the acquisition of near production and producers to organize the flow. producers are shareholders in the company that can be reserved 45% of cations ....

What is the social value of this project? Edit

this project will not only be creative but also starch is a real business where producers will see their living conditions improved and also gain experience in entrepreneurship.

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What was the triggering factor of this project? Edit

I- Background:
Generally , the state of food security in the Sahel is characterized by chronic food insecurity. Reflected in the report on the UNDP Human Development Report 2011 ( In developing countries , about one third of the population lives below the poverty line , nearly 1 billion people do not have enough to eat and 500 million suffer chronic malnutrition). This situation is the result of the conditions of various factors about climate , environmental, political and socio-economic .
This is among others;
- From climate variability ( general trend of worsening ) and extreme weather events
- Action predators , Des cutteurs
- The combination of non- agriculture farming
- The very low, lack of water control
- The financial insecurity of the population and mostly retired
- The availability and food security strategies inadequate.
- Inefficient agricultural policies ...
This food insecurity severely hit especially women , children and retirees of the population of BOULKIEMDE most vulnerable .
So this project creation program farms ( 04 ) Agro -forestry- pastoral will ambition Improve the nutritional status of the population of the Province of BOULKIEMDE and thus contribute to the process of securing food BURKINA FASO putting on products market share of farming ( maize, millet, beans, sorghum ... ) and secondly those of the activity of gardening , gardening (onion, potato , cabbage , tomatoes , eggplant , Peppers, ... ) and livestock ( Beef , Chicken , Egg ... )
This objective can not be achieved without financial , material and technical support from financial partners (through support for local initiative component) , highly regarded for their commitment and support to poor countries including Burkina Faso in its process of sustainable development.
II- Justification
This project for retirees Province BOULKIEMDE this justified firstly by the fact that after these many years past to serve the nation seems left behind evidenced by their paltry back everything that is absorbed by the cost of living. In their professional activities , the cost of living has continued to absorb the salary so that in retirement they got there completely helpless . This has a huge impact on the lives of these. It may be noted among other things, the breakdown of the family structure , the schooling of children , prostitution, alcoholism , the bad and undernutrition , Begging , Social exclusion ...
Then , in a situation where the impact of climate change is felt acutely ( rainfall and rainfall very precarious , excessive heat , drought , flood ... ) , it has a tremendous impact on the farming activity of the population of the town and therefore serious impact on the vulnerability of pensioners, who yet after their professional activities do not return to the earth to find something to ensure their survival in a context in addition to dear life. This town seems to offer something more consistent ( agricollement speaking) , then farmers must otherwise conduct their agro where the direction of the project activities. It should be noted that the hostility of the local climate tends to inhibit the initiative of the population so general and retirees and young workers in a particular way that exposes them to all kinds of vice whose alcoholism .
Finally, this project has the merit of giving hope to the families of retired rebind weakened families by improving their living conditions , provide hope alienated youth and breathe new life into a province of breath.

What is the business model of this project? Edit

in terms of its social, research and financial well-being of the population food, improving the quality of life, and also the failure of industrial agriculture, food insecurity in which the world is plunged, I can say that the economic modeling of this project is socialist!
'' With the failure of industrial agriculture, inadequate and inefficient agricultural policy, I remain convinced that only the promotion of family farming is able to ensure food security in the context of climate change and mode change consumption and production. Eat when you're hungry and not because he has to eat. Happen because we need it and not because we have the capacity to produce. No! We do not conform to the nature of our consumption patterns but rather to comply with capacity of nature. This is the only way to ensure sustainable development! Only the promotion of family farming (using organic manure) is able to ensure a healthy diet in the context of food security!'' ZAGRE Prosper Gautier


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