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Maruichi Building 2F-2, Nakatsugawa Naegi 4933-3, Gifu-Ken, Japan 508-0101
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The Japanese cars are the most demanded cars in the entire world. Covers more than half of the world, Japan shares the biggest chunk of the automobile industry in the world. To make it happen, numerous auto exporting companies played their roles and among them, the Prime Autos Japan is the marvel.

With the biggest stock of over a thousand cars on the portal, we are leading in providing the finest auto exporting services all around the globe. It doesn’t matter to us if you want used Japanese cars in Mongolia or in any part of the Arab world. We have our people on the ground that take cares of all the essential things while importing a car on behalf of you. We make sure that every vehicle that we ship from Japan gets all the important and necessary documents attached to it so our customers would not face any problems in driving their newly imported Japanese cars. We as an industry leader has collaborated with the best auto auction houses of Japan. The cars on our portal are all bought from the finest and top auto auction houses of Japan which after thorough inspection and quality assurance got listed on our portal for the normal buyer anywhere in the world.


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