Piknik électronique / Igloofest

A friendly and unique family-oriented place that revolves around electronic music


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Place de l'homme, Parc Jean-Drapeau, Montréal
CA Canada

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Web http://piknicelectronik.com/


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Piknic Électronik is a friendly and family-oriented place that allows people to enjoy the good weather, breath-taking view of the city and excellent electronic music – all in a comfortable and warn environment. Accessible by bike, metro, or car, you can even get there by boat! Only five minutes from downtown, this oasis offers a cool alternative to the heat of the city without really leaving it.

Keenly aware of its mission to make electronic music accessible and showcase the vast talent that makes up the Montreal and international electronic music scene, Piknic Électronik is an innovative weekly event that combines the best of hedonism and discovery. Sometimes eclectic, other times classic, occasionally daring with unexpected combinations, Piknic Électronik’s programming caters to both the experienced and the newcomer. It’s a real eye-opener to the various interpretations of electronic music that we all love.


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