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About the project Edit

Paytap is a Web application server that manages accounts and tracks 100% paperless electronic cash transactions regardless of usage. According to the context and consumer’s ability to use, it does so via voice services (in any local languages in a few days) and/or Web or WAP pages.

After setup and installation on client servers, the Paytap server drives and secures clients’ social transactional network platform.

Free of charge and no installation regardless of their telecom operator, this type of platform gives the consumer vocal intuitive services to direct and pay between people and order and pay for purchases without fees or risks inherent to card and messaging operations.

Our core clients are:

. Banks and financial institutions and money transfer, suggest to consumers their cardless, secured payment solution (Paypal model).
. Administrations and authorities that want to disperse local and complementary currencies
. Distribution businesses to optimize loyalty, safety and individual traceability of sales
. Media and broadcasters who want to extend their activities by offering monetization and royalty solutions

Thanks to the Social Transactional Network within the Paytap software, our clients leverage their credibility and confidence at the local level that inspires consumers while benefiting from the unlimited possibilities of simplifying exchanges that are the success of major players on the Web (Apple Appstore, Facebook credits, Google Wallet, Paypal...)


What is the social value of this project? Edit

Democratize and simplify daily exchanges from person to person without depending on material assets, acquired knowledge nor network quality.

What is the potential of this project to expand and develop? Edit

Five billion people who use telephones are potential users.

What was the triggering factor of this project? Edit

The project’s origins conceived for consumer banking in… Cambodia

What is the business model of this project? Edit

Operator of virtual money under Paytap gets commission for movements.


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