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About the project Edit

Let me start with a brief outline of the PALS mandate within which the REAL center plays a leading role...meaning its the place where the PALS mandate is carried out, and it can be any place...In or outdoors..a home or a hall somewhere..or maybe in a back yard workshop.

PALS mandate:
To provide safety, security and opportunities for healing and emotional growth to individuals in the community with apparent lack of social and psychological resources through a network of collaborative and inter related endeavors such as :
SUPPORTED HOUSING for people with mental health issues, for which LYNETTE:S HOUSE house is becoming a model, with its NUTRITION AND LIFE SKILLS program and SOBRIETY SUPPORT policy.

Arts, gardening, pets, productivity, collectivity {participating in collective activity and being part of a group) , rural roots ( countryside expeditions of all manner), voices and choices to people who are under the influence of POWER OF ATTORNEY or are WARDS of the health care system.

FUND innovative approach that draws energy and skills from the projects themselves..a series of presentations to solicit and practical..; in seniors high rise other community events such as job fairs and eco schools and at agms of other social change and activist orgs..a documentary about the project , showing Lynettes house as a model etc etc.

The REAL CENTRE..a place of activity that is accessible to all and designed to invite participation from casual observers or referred participants of other PALS projects...a place of community building and mutual inspiration offering arts and practical skills such as woodwork , metal work, cooking , gardening, etc, etc..

Lynette"s house has launched the first manifestation of the Nutrition and Life skills program .. once a week a volunteer kitchen coach comes in to conduct a cooking lesson, and a volunteer life skills coach sets up individual coaching sessions with participants of the project.

In what ways is this project unique and creative? Edit

It consolidates separate services into a coherent livable situation

What is the social value of this project? Edit

I realize that there are groups and organisations offering some of this help but I can see that more help is needed and this is , to my mind, a way of organising the help and also creating employment and more situations of support for people's (we all have'em) life issues

What is the potential of this project to expand and develop? Edit

Wherever there is a will here is a help to the way

What was the triggering factor of this project? Edit

The idea for PALS..Personalised Assisted Living Strategies.. came to me when I was trying to figure out how to get myself (and others) paid to look after Lynette, and other people who, like her, cannot live in the community without help and have limited resources.
Lynette was my friend who was confined by her MS to a wheel chair, and by her family to a nursing home..a large institution from which she begged me to rescue her. In the summer of 2010 I rented a large house and invited a long time friend who was living alone and barely coping with various health issues , to join me in creating a family support situation for Lynette. Lynette's family heard of the plan and convinced that there was no other fate for Lynette than dying alone and lonely (the sooner the better) in an institution, they barred me from taking her off her ward. After that her health deteriorated rapidly and she died in September of 2010, before efforts to rescind her family's "power of attorney" bore fruit.

Lynette"s house was to be a pilot project, and a model for other shared housing arrangement and a base camp for the PALS org,until it became a community project.
The house has worked out quite differently and has become both an inspiration for and an impediment to, further development of the PALS concept.

What is the business model of this project? Edit

We create a socio-economic system comprised of a funding body..PALS FOUNDATION, to receive and distribute funding through an army of paid coordinators and volunteers with benefits,,, to a network of community based collaborative projects, such as the REAL CENTRE, and the NUTRITION and LIFESKILLS PROGRAM, a mental health endeavor, which I haven't posted yet.

Another project I would enter a proposal ( to the PALS foundation) for would be funding to hire consultants to help people to stay in their own homes or find them suitable housemates and facilitate shred housing arrangements. This program I call CHOICES. This project could also subsidize helpers for the day to day.

Ok so we have a foundation , a network of projects, and the next thing is a fun(d) raising committee that organizes events,applies for grants (preferably NOT government, but from other foundations),, set up web sites, prepares and conducts presentations to churches, schools,businesses , sets up collaboratives with other fund-raising bodies.


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