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Online education affords students receive great piece of useful information directly at home or in the office. Such way of education saves your time and allows have lessons in the evening or every free minute. It’s possible to find free sources on different topics: business, science, liberal arts, design, Math and many others. Here are free sources for online education which will be useful for students of different occupations and specializations.
Best free sources for data science and engineering:
Programmers and web developers are popular and demanded specializations nowadays. You’re able to learn Java Script or HTML5 directly in front of your computer using next online sources:
CodeAcademy. It’s online free site for those who want to become web developer in short period of time. CodeAcademy affords improving your knowledge in scripts and finding out new information in software programming. Students of different levels will find something new and useful due to this source.
Microsoft Virtual Academy. Web developer, IT expert and other popular courses are provided by Microsoft Academy. You can learn C++, games developing, cloud computing and many other things here. It’s possible to join seminars and events devoted to computer science.
General free online sources:
Not only programmers and designers are interested in online education. Here are some popular sites which can help you to develop yourself in different directions:
Khan Academy. Khan Academy will be useful for teachers, parents and students all together. There are lots of videos on different subjects which allow to get acquainted with popular scientific spheres.
MIT Open Course Ware. Website provides not only courses on different topics but plenty of audio and video lectures, textbooks and other online educational instruments.


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