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Notman House is the hub of technological innovation and Web in Montreal.

Notman House is also a launch pad for many young companies who can rent offices and work space in a flexible manner.

Everyone is welcome to use the café area on the ground floor and access the free Wi-Fi (thanks to Ile-Sans-Fil) to work on a project. The café area is perfect to meet passionate people and share experiences.

Members of the techie and business communities – like Hackathons by Google – host events in the ground floor main room which can also be used for large events like professional meetings and press conferences.

Notman House focuses on developing new technologies, the Internet, software and mobile apps. The House places a lot of importance on building a vibrant community in the spirit of sharing knowledge. Our greatest wish is to create an environment that promotes young, bold and creative talent in Montreal.

Notman House has the best of the techie community. Come and join us now!

At one time, Montreal was the largest city in North America and undisputed cultural and financial centre of Canada. Notman House reflects this Montreal of old, but as the years passed, this position has faded. Recently, however, an active community of startups has emerged. It is supported by people who promote Web innovation, mobile platforms and avant-garde ways of investing. This group has nurtured a Web 2.0 community that has already made an economic impact by creating growth, jobs and attracting new talent to the city. Many events, startups, community projects and collaborations have started to attract attention.


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