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About the project Edit

Neo-Nomade is the first search engine designed specifically for locating workspaces. The idea is to provide nomadic workers with a tool that will allow them to easily locate all the flexible workspaces (or third places) in France: wifi cafés, public digital and coworking spaces, telecentres, business centres, conference rooms, etc.

Available tools:
-Interactive web platform
-Mobile applications
-API: a search engine that is 100% configurable and can be incorporated into any partner site in a matter of minutes.

Above all, Neo-Nomade is project led by radical teleworkers and nomadic workers. “Work outside the box” is more than a motto, it’s a philosophy. We must step outside the system that forces us to spend two hours a day commuting when we can work by distance.

Flexible workspaces already exist and are being developed—Neo-Nomade offers you the chance to discover, share, and adopt them, according to your desires and needs.

Neo-Nomade has launched its beta version and everyday we are adding workspaces adapted for nomadic work. But we can’t be everywhere at once! We are counting on you to help us add your favourite spaces and thus, eventually cover all of France ;)

Join the movement—become a Neo-Nomade!

In what ways is this project unique and creative? Edit

When we created Neo-Nomade, there was no other directory of flexible workspaces. The initiative represents a true innovation of use since this tool helps promote new, collaborative working methods. It also helps create a better quality of life for people wishing to break the isolation of distance work or reduce time spent commuting by teleworking from third places.

The technologies employed include the internet as well as, Smartphone applications and API, which can all be used by distance. These technological innovations have a strong added value for users and flexible workspace managers.

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