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Founded in 2006, non-profit organization MU’s mission is to transform Montreal into an open air art gallery by creating and producing murals anchored in the Montreal community. With the collaboration of 35 professional and emerging artists, MU realized more than 30 large-scale murals and 35 community projects in five seasons of activity.

For the MU, the process of creating a mural is just as important and the mural itself because the latter acts a leverage for other social change. Simultaneously urban renewal and creation of shared meaning through public art, this artistic approach and social innovation is oriented around two complementary axes: the democratization of art and social development.

The first centres around bringing art into the street by creating a dialogue between artist and citizens systematically integrating cultural mediation through training and testing workshops, and by supporting professional and emerging artists (policy for fair remuneration and showcasing their works). Social development occurs through beautification and revitalization of urban land, reinforcement of community feeling, reappropriation of the environment and decreasing social isolation and fragmentation by realization of a work of art that resonates in the community, not to mention citizen participation in cultural mediation activities. 4,000 citizens (of which 1,500 young people) were in this way connected directly to 14 of the city’s districts. Finally, in partnership with the Montreal School Board, MU set up a program of extracurricular artistic workshops focused on recognizing cultural professions and staying in high school.


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