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About the project Edit

Mobilys Foundation is a charitable organization whose mission is to facilitate mobilization across Quebec so that learning among young people is a collective priority. We provide the tools for any citizen or company to become a player in their community. We use today’s technologies to showcase actions and projects linked to staying in school, in every school, and soon in 17 regions in Quebec.


In what ways is this project unique and creative? Edit

The benefits of developing Mobilys’ interactive showcase for schools and NPO’s in Quebec are:

. Be known, renown and appreciated by citizens in your region
. Benefit from tangible aid including: volunteers, materials and donations that respond to your needs
. Build solid links to the community in your region
. Ensure the sustainability of mobilization by exchanging information weekly

Mobilys Foundation is an organization whose social commitment, creativity and reach extend to youth services because staying in school and academic motivation are fragile. Supported by a partnership of highly-trained public and private sectors, the Quebec team promotes citizen mobilization by developing interactive showcases for schools and non-profit organizations working with at-risk youth. The dynamic platform allows institutions to build awareness for their projects and needs with a better-informed community who take getting personally involved with young people to heart. In the last two years, this transmission of experience and passion has been spreading across Quebec towards the collective good of the world of education.

What is the social value of this project? Edit

For Mobilys Foundation and its partners, school cannot be solely responsible for the academic success of young people. Each citizen has an important role to play along the way. People of all ages believe that education must be our main concern and are ready to contribute with their talent, passion and service to help young people stay in school. If more young people fully develop their potential and live their dreams, all of society would benefit from their talent and realizations. This is why we must get involved now.

The Mobilys platform has a significant measurable impact on schools and organizations where it is setup: improved atmosphere because of an abundance of positive reinforcement; professional links between teachers increases significantly; and parents’ impression of the school changes because of their essential implication. But the more important impact is the personal and social growth of young people because they can establish stimulating contacts with passionate citizens whose scope of actions shines in school. Parents are better informed about how staying in school is promoted and teachers can show off the quality and originality of their projects that will incite citizens to team up with them.

Today, Mobilys is:
- 30 schools and NPO’s (soon to be 60) that build solid links to citizens in their neighbourhood
- more than 12,000 mobilized citizens
- dozens of committed citizens committed to realizing projects that touch hundreds of young people who are at risk of dropping out of school

What is the potential of this project to expand and develop? Edit

Thanks to the financial support of the Ministry of Education, Leisure and Sport (MELS) and the private sector, Mobilys has set up 150 interactive showcases in 17 administrative regions in Quebec in the last three years. Its website promotes attaining this objective with the help of Quebec businesses.

Mobilys uses modern technology and industry’s best practices for interactive marketing and customized strategies to diffuse content. Mobilys has the potential to deploy worldwide because the overall strategy and platforms are linked to the web.

What was the triggering factor of this project? Edit

The dropout rate is a major social challenge that concerns all Quebecers. It generates increased costs, as well as deprives society with a skilled workforce. But beyond economic concerns, there is a real human reality that is worrisome. Statistics shows that young people with untapped talent who drop out are more at risk for difficult living situations including: unemployment, poverty, depression and delinquency. When young people are given the opportunity to develop their talents and contribute to society, they can thrive and realize their dreams more easily. It’s this urgency to act that motivated Mobilys Foundation to launch an effective, stimulating tool to get at-risk youth interested in school... and to stay in school.

We can ensure the quality of life for the citizens of tomorrow by the training and qualifying our young people today.

What is the business model of this project? Edit

Mobilys Foundation received a $1.5 million government contribution from the Ministry of Education, Leisure and Sport (MELS) in the form of an equivalent combined fund from Quebec Community Affairs.

Through investments totaling more than $1 million, the private sector has also been an important support to Mobilys Foundation. The main contributors are: BMO Financial Group, Lassonde Family Foundation, Google Montreal, Cossette, Inovacom America, Corus Québec, Stikeman Elliot, Taxi Canada Ltd., Samson Bélair / Deloitte & Touche, ModelCom, Digital Dimension,, La Presse, RDS, Astral Radio and Pratt & Whitney Canada. As well, each institution, school or school board must pay $2,500 to create its interactive platform.

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