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To combat the threat of malnutrition and related illnesses among infants and children in the developing world


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Through partnerships with governments and NGOs the Heinz Micronutrient campaign is providing innovative, cost-effective solutions to give children the opportunity to lead healthy, productive lives.

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Since 2001 the HMC has been a pioneer in supporting the development of vitamin and mineral powders. Micronutrient powders, or MNPs, contain 5 to 15 essential vitamins and minerals, depending on local requirements. The single-serve sachets are mixed into the children's normal meals by parents or caregivers. The powders do not affect the taste, texture or smell of the food.

Through vigorous peer-reviewed research conducted around the world, it has been determined that 60 sachets, administered over a 4 month period, can meet a child's annual vitamin and mineral needs.

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The HMC has sponsored the development and distribution of micronutrient powders that deliver essential vitamins, minerals and iron when stirred or mixed into children’s foods. These powders have been proven to be effective in reducing iron-deficiency anemia and other vitamin and mineral deficiencies in developing-world countries.

Working with non-governmental organization (NGO) partners and government agencies since 2001, the HMC has provided these life-changing supplements to approximately 3.5 million children in 15 developing countries.

In the last two years, the HMC has expanded to Africa and the Western Hemisphere for the first time by launching innovative programs in Tanzania and Haiti, respectively. Plans are also underway to expand to Mexico in Fiscal Year 2012.

The HMC continues to sponsor the development of cost-effective new products to treat anemia, such as reduced-iron NurtureMate™, which has proven to be effective in treating malnourished children in malaria-endemic regions.

The Campaign is focused on creating sustainable models and partnerships with governmental agencies and NGOs, as it is doing in Cambodia, China, Haiti, India, Indonesia and Tanzania.

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The non-profit HMC provides sachets of micronutrient powder that are manufactured by Heinz. The World Health Organization and UNICEF have approved the sachets as a cost-effective treatment for iron-deficiency anemia. About 60 sachets are required over a three- to four-month period to treat and prevent iron deficiency.

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