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SPEAR is a cooperative that provides transparent investment opportunities and supports responsible projects of solidarity.


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80, rue des haies 75020 Paris
FR France

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About the project Edit

La Société Pour une Épargne Activement Responsable (SPEAR) is a cooperative that connects responsible project leaders with investors seeking more financial transparency through its web platform. SPEAR provides funding opportunities for projects with positive social impact with the help of investors who can choose the exact destination of their money.

In what ways is this project unique and creative? Edit

We offer an innovative product whereby investors can choose the exact recipient of their money and are provided with regular updates on their project without taking on any risk.

What is the social value of this project? Edit

This initiative is based on social solidarity economy. It provides an updated version of a cooperative mode of governance by providing funding for projects that have environmental, cultural, or social value through cooperators who are empowered through funding. SPEAR promotes the value of the positive externalities of a project and their recognition once the funding is received. We integrate extra-financial criteria into the bank’s decision-making process in the hopes of providing projects in the social solidarity economy with more accessible, alternative financing. Our goal is to re-establish the social connection between investors and borrowers. Investors knowing exactly where their money is going is an aspect of our mission; we also hope that they realize the impact of their investments. By putting investors and borrowers in contact, we are establishing a connection between these two groups of individuals. We hope to facilitate the emergence of positive and responsible projects while ensuring transparency in bank savings.

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