L’Université du Nous (UdN): University of Us

Proposing testing spaces to work together to get things done on behalf of transition


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67 rue St François de Sales BAL D1 73000 Chambéry
FR France
Web http://universite-du-nous.org/blog/


About the project Edit

UdN is a dual experience:

1) The first experience is from the inside:

We are looking to personify what we propose for the outside in how we work on an individual and collective level.

We work every day with tools and processes that we transmit (Tao game, holacracy, management by consent, collective intelligence, wealth indicators, alternative currency exchange).

Every day we try to apply our philosophy to the community:
The path as much as the result.
Neither for or against, but with.
Give before taking.
Always cooperate most with the outside.

The organization’s governance as practice for our personal growth.
Self-awareness as essential practice for the organization’s development.
An innovative business model based on conscious participation.

2) A second experience geared towards the outside:

The Université de Nous proposes to all individuals, organizations or communities that are or that want to get involved on the path to cooperation on behalf of transition, to live this unique experience, to create together, that we experience on the inside. This experience is proposed through a path and/or support that is adapted, namely Les Ateliers du Nous AdN), the workshops of us.

There are no prerequisites for the workshops. Regardless of who you are, what you are living, you are a citizen of the world and happy volunteer to participate and, therefore, are welcome in this adventure.

Like all deep and lasting transformations, the collective change goes through the point of departure: our individual transformation.

The workshops work on a path towards self, towards other, towards Us, in order to create a happy and creative enthusiasm for our citizenship.

Working every day at our level with our talents and frailties to invent and test a new model of society in action is very clearly the main objective of our proposition:

Working towards personal transformation closer with transition.
Bringing people and/or projects closer and in cooperation in the same territory (generating cooperation for transition).
Training animators/activators of local networks to incite local development of intelligent, structured networks.

All of our workshops, seminars, collective experiences or specific support systematically bring together the body, heart, spirit and creativity. Our vision looks to reintegrate a holistic approach of the practice of doing together.

Body spaces: Tai Chi, laughter yoga, breathing, sophrology, Tao dance, contact dance
Creativity spaces: music, theatrical expression, clowning, visual arts, land art
Spaces for relaxing, silence, getting back to the self: meditation, silent walking in nature
Spaces for talking: discussion circles
Spaces for learning about tools for governance, decision-making, communication, exchange, collaboration.
Spaces for testing these tools: in the concrete situation of the here and now, and/or to build together above and beyond the AdN.


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