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As the world’s population continues to grow, we believe that responsible and sustainable agriculture will respond to its needs by providing fresh products. This concept, which is at the heart of the Lufa Farms mission, is also the basis of the design of our first greenhouse to minimize the impact of production on the environment and natural resources.

How can Lufa Farms respect the needs of responsible agriculture?

Our first greenhouse was designed to achieve the following objectives:

Take back arable land lost to commercial development.

Conserve water and not pollute it.

Avoid using pesticides, herbicides and synthetic antifungals and implement control processes for harmful pests.

Produce the most nutritious and flavourful foods as possible.

Create a direct and transparent relationship with consumers of our produce.

The world’s population continues to grow yet arable farm land continues to diminish. Growing on rooftops allows us to take back arable land lost to development.

Our 31,000 square foot prototype farm will feed approximately 2,000 people and provide them with an excellent selection of fresh and nutritious produce. Future greenhouses will produce and feed even more people. Every rooftop in the city should be able to do the same!


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