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The pleasure of reading and solidarity between generations


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About the project Edit

Lire et faire lire is a French organization created in 1999 by Alexandre Jardin, writer, and Pascal Guénée, former chairman of the Relais civique. This is a program that aims at promoting the pleasure of reading and intergenerational solidarity in children in primary schools and other educational settings (such as leisure camps, child care centres, libraries, etc.). At the request of the teacher or facilitator, and consistent with the established project and and teaching practices, volunteers over the age of 50 offer some of their free time to children to stimulate their interest in reading and support their approach to literature. Readings are organized in small groups, one or more times a week throughout the school year, with an effort focused on the joy of reading and meetings between generations.

In what ways is this project unique and creative? Edit

Lire et faire lire is a unique program that brings together generations and shows children the joy of reading.

What is the social value of this project? Edit

Lire et faire lire has two complementary objectives:
- an educational and cultural objective is one of the priorities of the Ministry of Education - to develop reading and language skills - and it participates in promoting children's literature to children and discovering our literary heritage.
- an objective of intergenerational sharing intended for promoting meetings and dialogue between children and retirees

What is the potential of this project to expand and develop? Edit

Created in Brest, Brittany, in the mid-eighties, the program Lire et faire lire was established at the national level in France and Switzerland, in 1999. During a symposium on the theme of "intergenerations" organized by the Confederation of Family Organizations in Quebec (COFAQ), Alexandre Jardin - writer, chairman of the Relais civique and co-founder of the project - presented the results obtained by the Lire et faire lire organization in France. Subsequently, other Quebec organizations will be joining COFAQ, in order to work together to develop this program in Quebec.

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