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A program of creative residencies for professional artists working in collaboration with the school system.


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About the project Edit

With an annual budget of $150,000, the program aims to provide financial assistance to artistic programs in Montreal to realize creative residencies that integrate recurrent interactions with primary and secondary public school children on the Island of Montreal. In this way, youth has direct contact with the artistic professional process whereas artists’ their creative work is inspired by interacting with students.


In what ways is this project unique and creative? Edit

1 – Initial goal: Encourage both worlds to meet, to understand culture and education in the spirit of true discovery and mutual enrichment.

2 – How it works: implementing structured and structural projects that take place over several weeks and allow a connection of confidence develop between artists and students; true participation of youth in different stages of the creative process; and youth visiting the places of creativity and professional artistic presentation.

3 – What it creates: a unique opportunity to artists to feed their created work by being in contact with young people and for students to stimulate their own creativity, increase academic motivation and show off their success!

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