Les Dialogues Métamorphiques

Dialogue as a basis for development, learning, creativity, and metamorphosis.


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About the project Edit

The Dialogues Métamorphiques are a platform for dialogue learning and training, which is considered a basis for development, learning, creativity, and metamorphosis.

In what ways is this project unique and creative? Edit

The Dialogues Métamorphiques are a platform for learning and training related to dialogue, which is considered as a basis for development, learning, creativity, and metamorphosis. They are the product of research by a team made up of people. Isabelle Groneman, Nathalie Menet, Christophe Grenier, Samuel Butreau, who are convinced that every one of us holds unsuspected wealth not only within us, but between us in the form of interaction. The Dialogues Métamorphiques offer us the chance to better understand human nature and the power that we have over its evolution. This idea takes shape as much in the form of the dialogues as in the actual content of the discussions. The team has developed processes and tools that facilitate the discovery, experimentation, and development of four capacities or skills necessary for a transformational discussion: 

- La Présence Membrane

- La Main Verte 

- L’Oreille Pygmalion 

- La Voix Authentique

First, each of these skills is employed much as one would rehearse a musical scale, which allows for learning progress. Then the scale is used in a dialogue so that participants can effectively make use of their collective emotional richness and intelligence. The discussions are enriched with artistic excerpts including, visual, auditory, and written content to enhance common reflection, encourage participants to take a pause, or to look at the subject from a different angle. The team also proposes theoretical framework to support the awareness gained through discussion.

What is the social value of this project? Edit

The Dialogues Métamorphiques are part of a social, citizen, and a-political movement. They encourage research on new forms of dialogue:

–Collectively initiating new social dynamics that allow each individual to map out his or her own destiny.
–Developing a culture of dialogue and discovering the unexplored potential of dialogue.
–Creating forums for innovative, engaging, creative dialogue.
–Allowing people to experience collective intelligence and develop their social and emotional intelligence.

Where to start a Dialogue Métamorphique? In professional organizations such as businesses and other institutions. By definition, organizations involve skill sharing. Going beyond their addition or structuration, the Dialogues Métamorphiques create a dynamic that stimulates the latent richness of an organization. The Dialogues Métamorphiques provide essential support for initiatives that provide a public forum for debate and encourage the exchange of ideas that will take root and develop beyond the timeframe of the projects through increased awareness and the commitment of the participants. Examples include, associative projects, collectives, public debates, festivals, events, etc. On a day-to-day basis, every discussion carries the seed of change. Choosing to mobilize is but a momentary decision that can be enough to unleash this potential.

What is the potential of this project to expand and develop? Edit

The Dialogues Métamorphiques take place in a group setting and are animated by one or several team members: Isabelle Groneman, personal and team support; Nathalie Menet, development, prospective, social innovation/videographer; Christophe Grenier, hydrologist/hydrogeologist, teacher/speech artist; Samuel Butreau, organization consultant/singer, musician.

The dialogue processes are developed on an individual basis, they are open and easily transferable. The transformational atmosphere and philosophy of the Dialogues Métamorphiques can be seen in the four scales developed by the team. These four scales are like “stem cells,” which are at the core of the Dialogues Métamorphiques.
The four scales/stem cells, the “Présence Membrane”: to develop a 360° consciousness. There is nothing more frustrating than leaving a conversation with the feeling of having learned nothing, made no progress, or wasted time. To avoid this problem, we encourage dialogue participants to pay careful attention to what is going on around them (360°) and in their interaction. This openness and presence of mind allows each participant to be a “présence membrane” capable of absorbing both internal and external information.

The “Présence Membrane” is an attitude that allows each participant to have an intense experience of the discussion and places each participant in a larger context, that of the collective creates in the “here and now” through meaningful exchanges between the interior and exterior worlds.

The “Main Verte”: to examine the subject of discussion in more detail. In order to deepen reflection, people must go beyond personal opinions, basic facts, culture, and their previous conditioning. The “Main Verte” is a way for dialogue participants to actively participate in dialogue content creation; this process happens organically when participants associate the content of each other’s contributions. This creative operational tool facilitates the co-construction of a solution to a complex problem or question.

The “Oreille Pygmalion”: to exchange creatively and learn to leave room for the contributions of others. The traditional forms of dialogue are seldom constructive since each participant considers his or her opinion to be above all others, interprets a silence or another person’s contribution in light of an existing system of values or set of references, and seeks to point the conversation in a familiar direction or toward a domain in which he or she excels. The “Oreille Pygmalion” helps to locate the potential, skills, and qualities possessed by each participant and to reveal the positive intentions behind ideas, and acknowledge weaker voices. Discussion members are therefore encouraged to distance themselves from their internal selves so that they may open themselves to become more open to others. This creates a space where participants feel free to let go, be playful and conceive new ideas.

The “Voix Authentique “: to create constructive dialogue and speak up even if it goes against the consensus. A creative and constructive dialogue stimulates action instead of simply generating a soft consensus. The discussion helps establish a framework for participants to take on a “Voix Authentique” that is, learn to say what they think and feel and how to express themselves with audacity and eloquence to make themselves heard. The “Voix Authentique” facilitates complimentarity, mutual recognition of each person’s unique abilities, and consistent, quality feedback to other participants.


December 10, 2011, Espace Kiron, 10 rue La Vacquerie 75011 Paris, Dialogue Métamorphique concerning the 50th anniversary of the death of Dag Hammarskjöld, the second Secretary-General of the United Nations from 1953 to 1961, whose importance will be felt at this event. For more information visit: http://dag-hammarskjold.jimdo.com/

November 19, 2011, 5pm-7pm, L'homme bleu, 55 bis rue Jean-Pierre Timbaud 75011 Paris, Dialogue Métamorphique as an opening the event, “La Semaine des Cafés Citoyens,” on subject of public debate throughout France from November 19 to the 26th: 
"Peut-on changer de système économique ?,” can we change the economic system? For more information visit: http://bit.ly/sHaREU

October 22, 2011, 2pm-6pm, Centre IRIS, 10 rue de Bagnolet 75020 Paris, “
Le génie des infirmières.” Objective: to give nurses a voice in civil society, shed light upon and recognize the ingenuity of nurses, and find creative ways to defend humane health care. For more information visit: http://www.centre-iris-creativite.com/

March 26, April 2 and 9, 2011, “Création de l'Espace Qui Parle du Croisé Laroche 
59700 Marcq-en-Baroeul.” For more information visit: http://prospect-ray.jimdo.com/prosperer-nos-services/

November 13, 2010, 10am-1pm; December 18, 2010, 10am-1pm; January 29, 2011, 10am-1pm; February 26, 2011, 10am-1pm, “L'atelier du Verbe,” 17 rue Gassendi 75014 Paris, an introduction to the “Dialogues Métamorphiques.” For more information visit: http://www.atelierduverbe.fr/

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