Launching the Ghana Gender and REDD-plus Road Map program

Involving women in the sustainable management of the country’s forest resources


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Republic of Ghana, West Africa
GH Ghana


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The Ministry of Lands and Natural Resources has launched a project to involve women in the sustainable management of the country’s forest resources.

This would be done through reclamation and mitigation of forest resources to protect it from the negative impacts of climate change.

The ministry on Tuesday launched a road map which would see to the integration of gender concerns into the country’s forestry sector in support of the programme.

The project, forms part of a programme to Reduce Emission from Deforestation and degradation, dubbed REDD+.

REDD+ is defined as reducing emission from deforestation and degradation through conservation, sustainable management of forests and the enhancement of carbon stocks.

The aim of the Gender and REDD+ Road Map is to mainstream gender considerations into the forestry sector, and pay special attention to REDD+ policies, programmes and funds in order to contribute to environmental and social sustainability.

The Chief Director of the Ministry for Lands and Natural Resources, Prof Bruce Banoeng-Yakubu, who lunched the document on behalf of the sector minister, Mr Mike Hammah said the REDD+ initiative drew attention to an important function of the forestry sector, which unfortunately, until recent years, had been overly focused on timber.

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He said apart from the expected outcome of the REDD+ initiative that focused on the reduction in the rate of deforestation and degradation of the forest resources and the subsequent reduction in carbon dioxide emissions from the forestry sector, there were other benefits such as reducing poverty through enhanced efficiency distribution of costs and benefits, as well as increased revenue through enhanced efficiency and greater production of value added products.

According to the Chief Director, one of the key requirements of the project is to ensure the success of the initiative by avoiding negative impacts on the livelihoods of forest dependent communities and the nation as a whole.

He said as the country worked towards the full implementation of REDD+, ensuring that gender considerations were fully integrated into the process was a key priority.

The Head of Climate Change Unit of the Forestry Commission, Mr Robert Bamfo, said the country was on course to vigorously pursue actions to implement its Report on Proposals and Policies (RPP) for enhanced REDD+.

He added that the interests of forest dependent communities should not be compromised and more efforts were needed to ensure that the right social and environmental safeguards were put in place to provide permanent mitigation benefits.

He called on stakeholders to explore ways of addressing the challenges facing REDD+ in order to develop credible national strategies, action plans and bankable projects to access sustainable finance for a full and effective REDD+ implementation in the country.

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