L’Argent désobéissant: Disobedient Money

A documentary on the reappropriation of money by communities and citizens by Manu Poutte and Jean-Luc Roux


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Today, for more and more economists, philosophers and sociologists, the successive crises of the international monetary system are not simply short-term, but systematic. It is the monetary monoculture, our rapport with money and its essential function that we give it that have to be rethought and reinvented.

Through this film, we will attempt to approach the latest taboos of Western socio-economic thinking and organization: money.

And this, in the revolutionary perspective – at the heart of science and politics – that we today give the development of alternative currencies, or complementary or social or solidarity. Until recently, just the notion of money, its basis, its function, its properties that are essential in a human organization, remained an unquestioned concept. It seems that we wanted to believe that there was only one monetary system possible, yet as we see in the film, history, anthropology and current events show us that this is not the case.

In our approach of diminishing currencies, we have a guide: SANDY.

With all of her ignorance of economic matters, but with her immense curiosity, she has a frank and often ironic way of talking, as well as a definite ability to ask disturbing and wise questions. In a way, she is the spokesperson for the viewer among the experts and experiences that we will meet.

A 30-year old French woman who lives in Belgium in Brussels, SANDY wants to change her lifestyle in an attempt to reconcile her choices and her actions with her ideals.

She is not at the edge of society. She is a part of a significant population that is expanding – individuals who believe that their lives are being consumed by money worries and lack of meaning.


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