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Launched in Quebec City in 2002, L’Accorderie is a solidarity concept that strives to fight poverty and social exclusion and promote social intermingling.

It has a simple and original principle: To propose to a neighbourhood’s inhabitants to get together to exchange services on the basis of their know-how and without any financial contribution.

Concretely, a provider who works on a computer for an hour, for example, would receive a time credit that he/she can then use as they wish to obtain a service provided by another provider.

This new form of solidarity promotes social intermingling in a given territory and also responds to the needs of people who are poor or isolated. It has quickly become a huge success which gave birth to the Réseau Accorderie du Québec in 2006, a network of providers in Quebec and four new “accorderies”.

Today, the Accorderie network has more than 2,000 subscribers and 900 services, including helping people move or run errands, giving painting, dance or sewing lessons, etc.


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