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Intensive cocreation workshops connecting project initiators in social entrepreneurship, experts in social innovation and management and collaborators from the community


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About the project Edit

After more than a year of experimentations and successes, Lab Café-Projet (previoulsy knowed as Café-Projets Montréal) continues its development with the community to become a living lab for/of social impact projects.

Lab Café-Projet is a unique meetup in Quebec : Intensive cocreation workshops that connect project initiators for social and environmental entrepreneurship, experts in social innovation & management and collaborators from the community coming from diverse backgrounds.

Our goal is to accelerate projects that will change our communities, here or anywhere in the world, by stimulating solidarity, expertise and creativity from a community through open dynamics of social innovation.

Project initiators can test their projects in a safe and realistic environment with collaborators of the community which are their future beneficiaries, clients or partners. Our special process enables projects initatiors to receive concrete answers to their needs and invaluable support from the mobilization of the community.

In what ways is this project unique and creative? Edit

Lab Café-Projet is an original concept and totally innovative in Quebec, inspired primarly by the World Café methodologies from the World Café Foundation which has existed since 1995.

Also inspired by open innovation and collaborative creativity methodologies, we have developped a unique Lab Café-Projet process and formula.

Lab Café-Projet meet-ups are informal events where participants collaborate in a fun and stimulating environment in order to spark creativity and collaborative learnings.

Participants' intervention and workshops are realized in a way that respects the collaborative spirit. The organization of the meeting space is also designed to encourage discussion and open exchanges between everyone involved.

With a 'Creative Space' in the center of each cocreation group, our formula enables project iniators to receive concrete answers to their concrete needs in order to accelerate their project.

What is the social value of this project? Edit

Our initiative provides a platform for project initiators and is a community catalyst of socio-environmental initiatives. We have now become the most dynamic social entrepreneurship community in Quebec.

Lab Café-Projet is also designed to develop the social entrepreneurial spirit in the province and involves the local community in impact-driven collaborative dynamics.

We enable participants to develop citizen creativity, entrepreneurship and collaboration mindsets to test and validate projects that will, in return, reinvest in the community.

What is the potential of this project to expand and develop? Edit

Once the concept has been well defined and socially effective, we have launched Lab Café-Projet (following the experimental local Café-Projets Montreal) in order to develop and replicate our formula outside of the region of Montreal. An impact-driven concept to be integrated into the regional dynamics of other cities and regions in the province of Quebec and Canada.

What was the triggering factor of this project? Edit

The needs of social entrepreneurial project initiators: To be part of the community, get advice on their projects, develop their projects, get concrete and adapted tools.

What is the business model of this project? Edit

Our social business model is mixed :
- Territorial development with regional instances in Quebec and Canada
- Pro development with organizations and events wishing to put forward collaboration, creativity and social impact while developing new projects, products and services in an innovative way.

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