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2, rue Sainte-Catherine Est Montréal (Québec) H2X 1K4
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La Vitrine is the unique cultural information centre located in the new 2-22 building in the Quartier des spectacles, that is your gateway to Montreal culture. La Vitrine is a centralized showcase and ticket office for all aspects of local art and culture, with greater Montreal’s most exhaustive event calendar covering cultural happenings at more than 1350 different sites.

First and foremost, La Vitrine operates an interactive Web site— the most complete cultural events calendar in greater Montreal— in addition to an information kiosk and centralized ticket service where you can get tips from our passionate and knowledgeable event experts. Visitors have access to regular-price and last-minute tickets, as well as offers on advance ticket sales and other special privileges. La Vitrine also offers three types of platforms developed by Moment Factory : a multimedia installation (that acts as a cultural catalyst), interactive information terminals, as well as screens, which displays all the cultural information included in La Vitrine's calendar.

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