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Bühringstr. 20 13086 Berlin
DE Germany
Web http://www.kommenundbleiben.de/


About the project Edit

Berlin has 3,407,614 inhabitants. 2013 were 6,000 of that number refugees.
That‘s about 6% of asylum seekers in Germany. Some Berliner think these are too many. We do not. Berlin would have been still a small town between Spandau and Köpenick, if not French, Dutch, Poles, Czechs, Russians, Turks and Vietnamese… would have come to settle here. Those diverse cultural roots turn Berlin into the cosmopolitan city as it is today (again). Berlin has benefited from immigration. We ask ourselves: How can we live and work with immigrants and refugees to our mutual advantage? How could a welcome-culture look like?

In what ways is this project unique and creative? Edit

Kommen & bleiben tries to achieve a common eye level between less privileged asylum seekers and privileged Berliners. Asylum seekers aren’t mobile, don’t have much financial opportunities and are hardly connected to a community.
Through projects like “The Guide for New-Berliners”, “Poster Pub Crawl”, “The Frying carpet” or “Communication Benches” people of different professions and background work together considering each others ideas.

What is the social value of this project? Edit

Both parties of a project profit from superior funding and guidance through moderators, translators and teachers. There is no helper/victim situation. They have to arrange eayh-other with the different habits and working techniques or time-tables. This way we get a clue how life in this city could be when Berlin residents and New-Berliners live and work together with the same rights.

What is the potential of this project to expand and develop? Edit

Webplatform kommen & bleiben
Together with programming students of the Technische Hoschschule Berlin we are programming, building and designing a platform for Projects by refugees, initiatives, students and people of Berlin and Germany. Kommen & Bleiben should be a platform, where members start projects or participate. All members of a project can change the content. Members can also just participate online and support a project with their knowledge and contacts.

Guest Students / Guest Lecturers
With a second project, we will establish a collaboration between the Art Academy Berlin-Weissensee and refugees. They should have the opportunity to attend university events or to use workshops and the expertise of the School of Art in cooperation with students. We intend to provide our experience here to other universities, art institutions, museums and theaters.

The city of Wandlitz (near Berlin) and a local neighborhood initiative invited us to join in working with them together. So far they have been mainly working on projects to bring refugees (who are staying in an refugee home there) and the other inhabtitants of Wandlitz together, but also on redesigning the former old school, which the refugee home used to be. They received lately a lot of attention for their common effort to establish a progressive welcoming culture in their community.

Workshopseries of refugees for students
We will continue next semester with our workshop series, which gives refugees the opportunity to share their specifiqe knowledge with us. It is important for us that we pay them a common fee. For example last semster a very succesfull knotting and weaving workshop took place.

What was the triggering factor of this project? Edit

kommen & bleiben has it’s origin in the “Good Karma” project of the visual communication faculty of the “weißensee school of art” in Berlin. This project series was a kick-start for several successful initiatives including a revival of the “Sportbuffet”, a regular meeting with guest lectures to support the connection between foreign and regular students.

What is the business model of this project? Edit

kommen & bleiben won several state- and nationwide fundings. The organisation is also supported by the “weißensee school of art” and the housing association “GESOBAU” .


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