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Multi agency problem-solving forums including citizens on community safety issues


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About the project Edit

Joint Action Groups (JAGS) are multi agency problem-solving forums consisting of local services e.g. housing offices, community groups and individuals who are brought together to problem solve and speedily address community safety issues including those around anti-social behaviour.

In what ways is this project unique and creative? Edit

JAG forums are set up across a City which are linked to the City Local Policing units. In Leicester in the UK for example, the Groups are based on a Local Policing Unit boundaries. They meet on a four to six weekly basis, and are made up of representatives from different agencies, including the local:
•Policing Unit
•Housing offices
•Fire stations
•Schools or community centres
•Community Groups, and/or
•Projects and other services (e.g. youth projects)

As another example, the Safer Wealden Partnership established its Joint Action Group (JAG) in March 2006. It is a multi-agency group consisting of Operational Managers from various departments in Wealden District Council, East Sussex Fire & Rescue Service, Sussex Police, East Sussex Trading Standards, East Sussex Highways and the Youth Services.

The purpose of the Joint Action Group is to address crime and disorder issues that have been identified. The Group meets every fortnight to discuss and deal with issues of violent crime, anti-social behaviour, criminal damage, vehicle crime and any other issues which are having an adverse effect on the quality of life for residents of Wealden District. The JAG receives a report at each meeting which gives details of current problems, and is based on information provided by Sussex Police, Wealden District Council and East Sussex Fire and Rescue Service.

The JAG agrees which agency will take the lead in resolving issues and each of the partners commits to the input they will have.

The key to the Joint Action Group's success has been its 'Fast time' responses to community issues and concerns, many of which are solved within a 2 week time frame. This has all been down to a multi-agency approach and being able to use resources more effectively in partnership.

What is the social value of this project? Edit

Joint Action Groups also depend on input from citizens, the members of the local community, for them to be successful in addressing the issues that most concern local people. Citizens can help to make their neighbourhoods safer by getting involved.

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