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About the project Edit

WantGreatCare is a UK-based independent organisation with a simple aim: To help every patient get great care. Experiences and views of patients and their carers show that there is a huge range in quality of care received – not only in clinical outcomes, but in the actual experience of receiving care. The idea for iWantGreatCare came from Dr Neil Bacon, an Oxford specialist who combines a medical career with experience of developing internet services for better healthcare.

iWantGreatCare empowers a doctor's patients, patients' carers and relatives and colleagues rate them using objective criteria derived from the evidence base for patient satisfaction. Everything added to the site is seen and used by doctors and organisations to help them improve the service they provide. Independence from the NHS, BMA, GMC and all other regulatory and supervisory organisations in healthcare allows the users of iWantGreatCare to make sure that there is no bias, modification or censorship of iWantGreatCare ratings and reviews. Reviews and ratings are based on a set of indicators. These measurements are sliding scales rating trust, listening ability and one measuring how highly the user recommends the doctor. There’s also a free text box asking the user to share their experience in as much detail as possible. It asks the user to mention what’s great about their doctor and what they could do to improve.


In what ways is this project unique and creative? Edit

iWantGreatCare is viewed as a creative way to bring transparency into the very heterogeneous world of medical services.

What is the social value of this project? Edit

By empowering patients to share their experience, knowledge and opinions, iWantGreatCare aims at driving changes and improvements in the health service. Users can search for doctors and nursing homes by location and also search and submit reviews of their local care services. Users are also able to post and search reviews of medicines.

The site has aroused a number of criticisms by health officials. For some, it is doubtful if the website will provide any meaningful data and will drive up performance. Some doctors say that it is already remarkably easy for a patient to complain given the mechanisms in place. Therefore, the argument that Iwantgreatcare will improve patient care is disingenuous. Moreover, the likelihood with such a website is it will attract those with a major crush on their doctor or those with an axe to grind – which will no doubt subsequently be removed when the doctor in question lodges a complaint or libel action. To complicate things, doctors are bound by confidentiality and if they get a stinging review by a patient—and it’s unfounded—a doctor can’t respond.

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