Island Conservation

Removing devastating species from islands to protect their ecosystems


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Islands provide the habitat for 15-20% of all birds, mammals and plants, and 43% of all critically endangered species, but they make up just 3% of the world’s land area. aims to solve this problem by removing devastating invasive species from islands so that endemic species and ecosystems can recover.

Island Conservation performs extensive ecological monitoring before and after eradications, including biological surveys of species and subspecies saved from threat of extinction, and seabird colony numbers.

The whole process is cost-effective: roughly US $75,000 to save an endemic species or subspecies, and US $25,000 to protect a seabird colony.

Once invasive animals are eradicated, native species and island ecosystem recover with little or no additional input. Eradications are only done when risk of reintroduction is very low.


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One conceptually simple action (eradication) leads to natural recovery, the same approach is successful from arctic to equator and in 5 different countries.

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