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About the project Edit

iRunning is the portal of the 21st century! It is the bridge between classical sites that offer a rough list of links, which after a few clicks, take you to a commercial site and to a completely 3D virtual portal that carries you to your favourite shops, museums around the world, exhibitions, concerts, performances and everything that you couldn't, or wouldn't want to do, either alone or with anyone of your choice.

What's more exciting than shopping with your best friend, strolling through the streets of Paris while one of you is in Lyon and the other in Marseille? Choosing clothes together, getting direct advice, trying them on, buying them and having them delivered?

What's nicer than going to a concert in a New York bar with friends, visiting a museum or an exhibition at the other end of the world, led by a guide, or attending a live play?

It's your mother's birthday and you and your brothers and sisters want to buy her a jewel at Harods®, in London. Never mind, you go visit Knightsbridge, in the British capital and you enter the famous shop, which is right in front of you. Once there, a vendor connects with you and will help you with all of your purchases. Checking out has never been more simple! Pay using a credit card, PayPal © or other secure options, which allow you to purchase your gift and send it directly to your mother or yourself.

And since you are in London, why not take a little impromptu trip on the Thames River with your sister, with an onboard camera, or visit the tower of London with a special guide while communicating directly with your sister?

Technology of the 21st century can now transition to a new generation of portals. Portals through which, research, support and freedom become natural, intuitive and fun.


In what ways is this project unique and creative? Edit

Two main reasons have led to the development of this project. Then, many applications have followed to broaden the original concept.

The first reason is the fact that urban businesses are stifled by an ever-increasing competition in e-commerce. In fact, consistently lower margins speak to increasingly larger groups of the population, due to lower costs of storage and ''showcasing'', larger availability, and increased usability. All of this draws customers to become accustomed to doing more shopping on the web. Urban commerce must act and connect to the Internet - conquering it.

The second reason, which is more customer-focused - on the one hand offers a wider range of products without increasing costs. To learn more about this great innovation concept, please visit the Internet in groups or with family and friends, even though thousands of kilometres separate you and the place where you want to go.

All you need to do is pick a specific location and a specific time, put your headphones/headset on, connect to a webcam and go on iRunning.

What is the social value of this project? Edit

This links people, opens up entire regions, by joining the Web effectively and creatively, increases opportunities for local businesses.

What is the potential of this project to expand and develop? Edit

Very important and in many fields. Without being exhaustive, we can meet:

- the possibility, through dialogue tools via the Internet such as: VoIP, Voice over IP, Push to talk - (Teamspeak, spike, mumble...), to be able to do your errands with (family and friends in distant cities...) and to visit a vendor's shop even though it is not fully equipped,
- for dependents or for those not able to travel, to go shopping and have their purchases delivered
- if we imagine extending this system to other institutions, to perform administrative tasks, retrieve documents types, get help by directly "coming into contact" with public services,
- Visiting special places, museums, exhibitions, to be accompanied on a tour before actually doing it,
- attend concerts, performances,
- engage groups through social networking partners, events, demonstrations and other group activities
- ...
the uses of such a portal are vast and unlimited.

What was the triggering factor of this project? Edit

What is the business model of this project? Edit


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