Intergener@tions, the meeting

Students from elementary classes and the elderly meet and actively exchange information about the Internet


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Résidence Louise Le Roux, 20 rue de Maissin, 29200 BREST
FR France


About the project Edit

Since 2003, each school year, 10 to 15 young students are dismissed from school and approximately 15 older people participate in these "intergener@tions" meetings.
As a first step, students are trained to reflect on the uses of the Internet and the role of a teacher. Then, every week they attend (two 45 minute sessions) at an elderly residence to introduce residents (average age of 80-85 years) and other seniors of the neighbourhood - to computers and the Internet. Each session, a student works with one or four seniors and adapts to their particular needs accordingly: site visits, using the keyboard and mouse, email, word processing, writing on the project's open blog, social networking, games, etc.
Put in the position of teacher and a patient assistant for the elderly, these young people who are not comfortable with courses and university - regain confidence in themselves and take pleasure in meeting people from the residence. Since the start of this project, one hundred students have participated and none of them have refused (despite the fact that these are students who know how to reject the classroom...).

In what ways is this project unique and creative? Edit

At first, implementing the intergener@tions project was a bit of a challenge: on the one hand, bringing two worlds together that have never been together before, not even by accident, and on the other hand, recognizing the expertise that young people have within themselves, who have a degraded image of themselves and are causing destruction or are in denial because they do not think that they can build and offer older people new things to learn because of their age. And finally, entrusting these two groups of society with a mission (where young people teach, and the elderly learn), to contribute in a real way to society. Yet from the first session, the meetings produced: listening, tolerance for differences and respect. And every year with different groups and new activities - the same listening relationship develops.

What is the social value of this project? Edit

This project has undoubtedly made it easier to incorporate the Internet and multimedia tools in residences.

It allows project participants to open up, move past their difficulties, step outside their comfort zone, understand others and do things that are out of the ordinary. The forged relationships reinforce the notion of a society and reduce the feeling of exclusion.

What is the potential of this project to expand and develop? Edit

The production of two video reports makes it possible to perceive the quality of relationships that have developed between both groups, showing that this type of project works even if initially it may seem unlikely. (Students can be sent on request)
Implementing this project is not difficult. Collaboration, proximity, regularity and commitment over time are essential to the success of this project.

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