INM’s summer school – “Culture and socially-engaged art” session

Take part in an important creative thinking and collective creation session where art provides a sustainable solution to a few social “challenges”


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Art without humans is empty. We call “science” the Cartesian vision of the world and “spiritual” the one that includes inexplicable forces of influence in the way the world works. So then, what is art if it’s only both one and the other, but not limited to them? Art raises questions, provides answers, but most of all, appeals to the creator’s and viewer’s imagination. Through a new world, by changing the perception of reality, by multiplying viewpoints, art can again and forever change the world. Indefinitely.

By taking the “culture and socially-engaged art” course , you’re choosing to propose new rules for a more just, fair and inquisitive world. All media is invited – dance, visual arts, song, music, media arts, theatre, etc. Artists and non-artists are welcome in order to deepen the experience and get out of the box. Be inspired by JR and his portraits, MU and its urban murals, Cirque du Monde and its impact on human and social development and many community dance and arts programs.

Rhodnie Désir of CommunicArtiste, Elizabeth-Ann Doyle of MU and Dena Davida of Tangente Laboratoire Mouvements Contemporains will be there as mentors to the participants! Come take part in a huge creative thinking and collective creation session where art will provide a sustainable solution to a few social “challenges”. Dance against poverty? Murals for social integration? Feel free to share information with those around you and sign up!


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