Inhabitants, Places and Memories (IPM)

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GIP GPV Rive Droite Bassens, Lormont, Cenon, Floirac
FR France


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A certain number of thematic co-construction workshops were held by FING (Next Generation Internet Foundation) during the PIN project’s study phase. Brought about by the GIP GPV Right Bank between 2009 and 2011, it was about the introduction of digital and social innovation use in the municipalities of Bassens, Lormont, Cenon and Floirac in Gironde.

The workshops all highlighted the need for territory users to have a tool to document the richness of their territory’s heritage (past, present and future) and record their daily life. In short, to be both historians and journalists of where they live.

In response to this request, we came up with a project of a digital tool that chronicles the territory, namely Inhabitants, Places and Memories. It aims to provide inhabitants and users of the Right Bank a range of documentary resources built on a contribution basis.

Built in encyclopedic form, initially Inhabitants, Places and Memories will allow users to collect the trace of the inhabitants collective memory brought about in urban renewal.

It will also be a way for various municipal archival services to share certain digital documentary foundations, such as photos, post cards and interesting historical documents with the general public.

Ultimately, it will be an animation tool that allows inhabitants to chronicle their lives on the territory and share their memories through narratives, photos and videos.

Thanks to an animation policy created in collaboration with municipalities and various project partners, documentation collection campaigns (photo galleries, interviews, films, etc.) that involve animation structures, electronic databases and digital public institutions, as well as the media who will register the actions in their programming, will be carried out. On the other hand, a particular effort will be made to solicit schools in order to build specific educational projects to initiate the school public to use collaborative digital tools in collaboration with the Chancellor of the Bordeaux Academy.

A dedicated host will coordinate the project with city correspondents and partner representatives in order to build coherent editorial programming. Publication of the content on the platform will be moderated by the host and open to everyone. As well, communal correspondents will correct any errors or suppress articles that do not respect the website’s Terms of Use in order to maintain a certain level of quality that ensure that Inhabitants, Places and Memories becomes THE reference tool.


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