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In India's growth story, there has been very little focus on developing the creative industries. As a result, as leading musicians are passing away, there are no musicians to replace them.

The Indian Raga project aims at filling that gap by providing up and coming artists with the tools they need to become professional artists with sustainable careers. They call this process "art-preneurship".

Indian Raga develop technological tools to help artists live off their music. With these tools, upcoming musicians can identify pockets of demand for their music in India and abroad. Analytic tools help artists determine their ticket pricing, audience size, choice of music, and other performance-related factors.


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This initiative promotes India's creative sectors by giving upcoming artists the tools they need to have a sustainable career in which they can still perform their art and earn a living. Indian Raga identifies the most promising musical talent, and provide them access to mentorship, audience-building tools, and professional performance and teaching opportunities.

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This project is still in an early stage of development. It won the community award at the MIT IDEAS Global Challenge, which is promising.

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