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IMAGINe’s goal is to reinforce the self-esteem of young people who don’t feel that the school experience responds to their needs or goals. IMAGINe aims to raise self-awareness, build self-confidence and autonomy. Our animators are there to provide our members encouragement, inspiration and help when they ask for it. It’s the learner who decides what they want and need. In this way, we practice autonomy and develop the ability to make decisions, thereby allowing young people to reach their full potential.

IMAGINe also helps open the necessary doors so that members can create a place in their communities themselves. For example, developing social or other business projects for them that respond to both the needs and interests of young entrepreneurs and their communities.

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    L’Institut du Nouveau Monde (INM) est un organisme non partisan dont la mission est de favoriser la participation citoyenne et de renouveler les idées au Québec. Aujourd’hui, les principaux champs d’expertise de l’INM sont: la participation citoyenne, la démocratie participative, l’acceptabilité sociale, la gouvernance participative, l’entrepreneuriat social et l'innovation sociale.