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Report unnecessary idling vehicles that pollute the air and waste fuel


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About the project Edit is a web-based tool that uses the free software SeeClickFix, a powerful community mapping platform that allows residents to report problems in their neighbourhoods to city officials. Citizens use their mobile phones to report, map and track idling vehicles.

Philadelphia does not meet federal air quality standards in large part due to emissions generated from motor vehicles especially trucks. When cars and trucks leave their engines running, they are not only wasting fuel, but releasing harmful particles and greenhouse gasses into the air.

Trucks can employ a number of technologies to reduce harmful emissions, but reducing idling time is the easiest and most cost-effective approach. Idling is against the law. Both city and state regulations prohibit idling for more than 5 minutes.

Air pollution contributes to asthma and other illnesses which tend to disproportionately affect low-income neighbourhoods. For example, in a high-traffic area in North Philadelphia, 25% of the children have been diagnosed with asthma. IdleFreePhilly gives local communities the power to quickly and easily report illegal idling to city officials and allows neighbours to work together to identify locations where idling is a recurring problem.


In what ways is this project unique and creative? Edit

This citizen engagement project uses open source software and mobile technology to solve an environmental problem. Citizens can report and map idling vehicles (i.e. vehicles that aren't moving, but keep their engines on) with their mobiles phones so local authorities can address the problem by issuing tickets where applicable.

What is the social value of this project? Edit

Reporting idling vehicles to local authorities helps improve air quality in the urban environment. The fact that IdleFree Philly is crowdsourced helps local governments lower costs. The money saved can then go to other activities, such as building better infrastructures, etc.

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