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About the project Edit

Started in 1988 with Tamasha! the magazine for children on the road to literacy, KATHA was formally registered on September 8, 1989 — serendipitously World Literacy Day!
Katha is a unique model that seamlessly connects grassroots work in story, education and urban resurgence. We started with the main objective: To enhance the joy of reading. But for children to read well, we need many things to happen at the same time. We publish, run schools, transform government schools and do teacher education. And making all this happen is the story of Katha!
The I Love Reading! Campaign was started in 2004. It is a what we call Bricks & Clicks initiative: On-ground activities in tandem with online presence. We believe this is the right mix today for India as she moves towards more and more interactive for underserved communities and their children.
Our websites: ilovereading.in. And a Hindi site padhopyarse.net.
TeamKatha steadfastly does a lot of things to keep children in school and learning! You'll find more about us at www.katha.org

In what ways is this project unique and creative? Edit

I Love Reading [ILR] is a campaign that has inspired 122 slums to take control of their children’s future. 1500 young people, the Delhi One Young Team, are volunteers in and from 122 slums. They are 8-18 year olds who help children younger than themselves to read at grade level. About 200 women in each slum have taken the Katha All in School Mission pledge to ensure regular attendance. 80,000 children are enrolled into this self-propelled programme that is run on a shoe-string budget by Katha.
This works in tandem with ILR municipal schools that most of our children in poverty attend. The School Transformation and Engagement Programme, STEP, that Katha has signed an MOU with Delhi Government to bring a difference in the way children read in 500 municipal corporation schools over 5 years after showing impact in 50 MCD Schools from 2009-12.
No w ILR goes national! The Ilovereading.in initiative is the first if its kind to link with the broadband initiative of Government of India to reach grade level reading in especially children who are first generation school-goers. Bringing the country's nearly 150 million+ children who are not reading at grade level to reading for fun, is a humungous task. Katha is proud to be part of the solution.
The ilovereading.in is a unique reading initiative with India's largest school certification board, the CBSE, to bring the joy of reading to students in 15,000 schools across the country.
Bot what makes us unique is the passion of the children themselves who bend over backwards to bring themselves out of poverty with Katha.

What is the social value of this project? Edit

Since 1990, we’ve driven our learning model on a single powerful idea: Children can bring change that is sustainable and real. At the other end of the literacy and literature spectrum, Katha is a quality publishing house for translations from our regional languages. Our children’s books are recognized in India and abroad and form the basis for the SPICE framework that drives Katha’s Curriculum for Life: We believe that our children face five kinds of poverties in India: Social, Personal Intellectual, Cultural and Environmental. The Katha Challenge 2014, through our books, pledges to help children learn to live sustainably.

ilovereading.in is the tech-enabled component of our work with free ebooks, elearning materials and lots of free opportunities for children to enhance their joy of reading and learning, sustainably.

Katha is a highly respected and recognized “profit for all” social organization, working today with more than 125,000 children, 20,000 women and slum communities across Delhi. KathaSRI is an integrated slum resurgence initiative . [SRI in Sanskrit means prosperity]

What is the potential of this project to expand and develop? Edit

The campaign's potential for scaling up is enormous -- into other Indian linguistic states, other SouthAsian and Asian countries where poverty and illiteracy trap children in an eternal cycle of want.

The I Love Reading [ILR] campaign is already touching new heights every day!

2004: ILR piloted in 10 government schools and 22 slums.
2008: I Love Reading leagues launched in 50 municipal schools.
2012: MOU with Delhi Government and Municipal Corporation of Delhi, MCD, to help in school transformation: 500 MCD schools and 500 slums in 5 years. [Delhi has 1800 MCD Primary Schools and 1700 slums.]
2013: Launch of ilovereading.in with CBSE, the Central Board of Secondary Education which has about 15,000 schools affiliated to it.
2013: Launch of padhopyarse.net, a website for reaching out tested and successful reading enhancing teaching/learning materials and StoryPedagogy (c) to children across India. The website is being enabled to bring content in multiple languages for children to access. It is launched as a pilot, with Government of India's broadband initiative.

The elegance of design, the cooperative, creative classrooms we help teachers create, the StpryPedagogy(c) that brings the charisma of storytelling into primary to high schools is a potent combination that makes for high impact and joy -- for children and teachers.

What was the triggering factor of this project? Edit

In 1988, all that I wanted to do was to make lovely books for children which, as a writer for children, I knew I could. But what was the point in making books if children could not read? Hence, in 1989, I started Katha, with a single mission of enhancing the joy of reading and the love of books. Katha is the inspirational story of lakhs of gritty and determined children, women, teachers from the slums themselves who have resolved to bring about sustainable change. And they make the miracle happen each day!

What is the business model of this project? Edit


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