I have a startup project in Kindia, Guinea

To get a group of young people who have little work or knowledge together to produce home gardening harvests without waste


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About the project Edit

The rural population’s access to basic infrastructure is an ongoing problem in Africa. Again this year, more than 800,000 people in Senegal were threatened by famine. Despite developing ICT, rural populations remain very much outside the information society.

New technologies bring them little or no access to health, even for primary healthcare.

However, today’s knowledge can contribute to the realization of production units of fish and vegetables for the needs of families and the marketing of non-consumed surplus production.

Remote consultation techniques, even if not for medical advice that end with a prescription, has been mastered.

Access to information and distance learning to improve daily agricultural production activities or for environmental conservation is easy to realize and not very expensive.

My project consists of testing a pilot project that will help improve village living conditions by initiating the following:

. Setting up an aquaculture unit
. Setting up a telemedecine kit in collaboration with a health centre
. Supporting village households to improve their environment


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