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About the project Edit

In 1999, Céline and Philippe Bossanne, passionate about a particular art of camping and admirers of nature and open spaces, decided to create their utopia: inventing a new kind of camping that combines comfort and nature, designed as a meeting place, a place where people are welcomed, respected and open to the environment. From this, the first revolution of modern and contemporary camping emerges, based on a radically new way to view rental accommodations.


In what ways is this project unique and creative? Edit

The two founders decided to create Huttopia in order to restore the idea of true camping: one that favours less impact on nature by reversible and light equipment, especially in cloth, this makes it possible to have direct contact with nature, which naturally leads to respecting the environment. Huttopia is constantly searching for outstanding sites, with beautiful landscapes that showcase the essence of the place itself. The place must be authentic, truly wild, and not a "manicured garden." For this reason, developing sites tends to minimize the impact on nature and fully integrate with the landscape. For example, Huttopia wanted to introduce natural pools on these sites, making them chlorine-free, in order to offer visitors an ecological swimming area. These pools are made up of two basins: one is designed for swimming and the other naturally filters water with special plants and minerals. The balance and clarity of the water is maintained naturally and doesn't need to be treated with chemicals, unlike traditional swimming pools.

Huttopia has also created an original welcoming world where each element and each layout is unique. The company with a team of designers created all of its equipment, rental accommodations ("cabanes", "canadiennes" and "cahuttes") pieces of furniture like lighting, barbecue areas, etc. The sites were, in short, designed for visitors to experience a "return to nature": the trees are preserved, the infrastructure can be dismantled and built on stilts not to damage the soil's foundation, roads are not paved and sanitary facilities can be removed.

What is the social value of this project? Edit

By opting to vacation at Huttopia, campers choose to share in the same philosophy. Huttopia has set as a goal to implement on these sites, one step at a time, all of the
sound environmental practices that will make it possible for tourists to discover these practices during
their stay. With this in mind, Huttopia acts as an "incubator" of new practices for families who take advantage of their stay by developing their understanding about sustainable development and better living together. Huttopia also offers programs oriented towards "nature & culture" in order to introduce campers to the richness of the area (heritage, cuisine, customs, etc.). They are created in partnership with local providers because Huttopia is seeking to develop the areas where it operates. This integrative approach makes it possible to support directly or indirectly an area and its economic fabric.

What is the potential of this project to expand and develop? Edit

Huttopia signs an agreement with public stakeholders responsible for forest management (ONF in France SÉPAQ in Canada), whose aim is to encourage people to visit forest areas.
These agreements deal with both establishing and developing public accommodation facilities near forest areas and promoting these areas for recreation. The first step is to identify very beautiful natural sites that are environmentally at risk. The search for these sites is mainly done in partnership with communities that want to establish a campsite in their area or through partners already mentioned. Huttopia continues to demonstrate the desire to expand into these natural sites without damaging them by respecting the natural environment. It aims to develop new equipment and construction techniques that will have minimal impact on the environment. The nature of the material used and the reversibility of equipment are the main areas of work.

What stimulates Huttopia's innovations at this level is simple:
"And if we had to make this area a nature site, how would we do so?"

These partnerships can certainly be implemented in all countries with areas that are conducive to camping (most countries in the world!) by making local communities natural partners of the this operation.

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What is the business model of this project? Edit

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