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141, avenue du Président-Kennedy Pavillon Sciences Biologiques de l'UQAM 4ème étage, local SB-4220 Montréal (Québec), Canada
CA Canada
Web http://www.hexagram.uqam.ca/


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Fosters the emergence of new works and new methodologies in media arts

HexagramUQAM gathers researchers who are specialized in creating and studying works of art that use diverse digital or analogue technologies.

Its mission is to lead and coordinate research and design in media arts, support experimental works, artistic innovation and development in new and renewable methodologies.

The Centre provides artists with a significant infrastructure, space and equipment normally impossible to have without pooling resources, but that is essential to artistic realization. Facilities for testing and prototyping allow for state-of-the-art technological design. Video, HD, 3D, surround sound, robotics, multitechnical and MoCap labs host specialized research while increasing the opportunities for researchers to meet and share various artistic practices.

HexagramUQAM is a meeting place for art, technology and research and design.


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