Girl Rising

A feature-length film that reveals the extraordinary stories of girls from around the globe fighting to overcome impossible odds on the road to realizing their dreams of education.


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About the project Edit

Girl Rising is the feature-length film at the center of 10×10’s global action campaign for girls’ education. The film reveals the extraordinary stories of girls from around the globe, fighting to overcome impossible odds on the road to realizing their dreams of education.

Directed by Academy Award nominated documentary director Richard E. Robbins, Girl Rising includes voice performances from esteemed actresses Meryl Streep, Kerry Washington, and Selena Gomez, among others.

The film tells the stories of 10 girls from 10 countries, selected in consultation with 10 acclaimed women writers, working closely with non-profit partners.

These writers are not only our collaborators, but a bridge deep into the lives of the girls themselves, telling a story that might not be captured in a traditional documentary – a voice for girls who might otherwise never be heard.

Together, their words broadly illuminate the unifying story of girls struggling to get an education in the face of seemingly insurmountable obstacles. These girls present an incredible array of voices, each striving to make a better life for herself, her family, and her community.

Girl Rising is slated for theatrical release in March 2013. It is the first film that CNN will air – on both CNN and CNN International – in May of 2013.

In what ways is this project unique and creative? Edit

WHAT IS 10X10?

A Film + Campaign
10x10 is a feature film, Girl Rising, and a social action campaign, created and launched by an award-winning team of former ABC News journalists in association with The Documentary Group and Paul Allen’s Vulcan Productions. We use the power of storytelling and the leverage of strategic partnerships to deliver a single message: educating girls in developing nations will change the world.

A Groundbreaking Film
10x10 is a groundbreaking film, directed by Academy Award nominee Richard Robbins, which tells the stories of 10 extraordinary girls from 10 countries, written by 10 celebrated writers and narrated by 10 renowned actresses.

A Global Campaign
10x10 is a campaign to reach global audiences and inspire individuals to take action for girls. Stories about the power of educating girls are told every day through photos, videos, blogs, books, and sometimes in 140 characters or less.

A New Paradigm
A 10x10 is creating a new paradigm in social-issue filmmaking by bringing together production and advocacy right from the get-go. 10x10 partners with forward-thinking non-profits, celebrities, policy leaders, corporations and concerned citizens like you to build a global movement to demand equal opportunity for girls.

What is the social value of this project? Edit

Why Girls?
Educated girls dramatically improve the well-being of their families, their communities, and their countries – multiplying the impact on society. Educating girls will…

 reduce poverty
 reduce child mortality
 reduce population growth
 reduce HIV infection rates
 change the conditions that lead to terrorism
 reduce corruption

Changing Minds
From corporate boardrooms to rural villages – from the corridors of power to social networks – 10x10 builds worldwide support for girls’ education by spreading the message far and wide, and changing minds about the importance of educating girls.

GOAL: 1 billion media impressions of 10x10 media

Changing lives
10x10 partners with organizations with a proven track record of educating girls. They’re the pros in the field, so we support them by telling stories of their work and directing donations to their programs that help girls get into and stay in school.

GOAL: 1 million actions taken in support of girls

Changing policy
A billion impressions and a million actions by people like you will drive policy changes around the world. 10x10 partners with policy leaders to influence governments and global institutions to enact and enforce laws that ensure every girl has an equal opportunity to fulfill her full potential.

What is the potential of this project to expand and develop? Edit

What was the triggering factor of this project? Edit

What we know
Research consistently proves that educating and empowering girls breaks the cycle of generational poverty.

GDP rises
When 10% more of its girls go to school, a country’s GDP increases an average of 3%. (Council on Foreign Relations)

Population Growth is Curbed
When girls receive 7 years of schooling, they marry 4 years later and have 2.2 fewer children. (United Nations Population Fund)

Food is more available
When female farmers are educated, crop yields rise. (Food Policy)

Health is improved
Educated mothers are 50% more likely to immunize their children. And when more girls are educated, a country’s malnutrition and HIV rates decline. (UNGEI, the Council on Foreign Relations)

Families & communities invested in
$1 in the hands of a woman is, on average, worth $10 in the hands of a man. (Population Council)

Honest Governance Grows
When women take leadership roles in their community, corruption diminishes. (Center for Global Development)

Structures change
When women are educated and empowered, democracy is more likely to flourish and the conditions that promote extremism are reduced. (World Politics)

It’s in the numbers
Be a part of changing the world by taking action for girls.

What is the business model of this project? Edit

“Corporate Social Responsibility” is more than just philanthropy. It’s the recognition of the power of a brand, of an organization, to use its clout and capital to make a real difference in the world. 10×10 works with forward-thinking organizations that take CSR seriously. We’re proud to be partnering with Intel as our Strategic Partner on this campaign to educate girls… and change the world.


Change a girl’s life
Now is the time. Join the global movement to educate and empower girls by giving to the 10x10 Fund for Girls’ Education


10×10 is a feature film, Girl Rising, and a social action campaign using the power of storytelling and the leverage of strategic partnerships to deliver this single message: educating girls in developing nations will change the world.

How? By making impact where it matters we’ve created the 10×10 Fund for Girls’ Education. Donations to this fund will be distributed evenly among our non-profit partners which include CARE USA, World Vision, Partners in Health, Plan International USA, United Nations Foundation/Girl Up, Pratham USA, Room to Read, A New Day Cambodia, and Afghan Connection, all of whom operate girls’ education initiatives around the world.


Intel: Empowering girls and women through education

Millions of girls around the world have limited or no access to education. Intel believes that broader access to education for girls and women will significantly catalyze social progress and help drive worldwide economic growth.

Intel has worked for decades to improve education around the world understanding that if the education gap is closed for girls, not only are their lives transformed but so are the lives of everyone they touch. Through access to technology, scholarships and community learning programs, Intel provides girls and women with opportunities for quality education and personal growth. Intel’s programs equip women with the access to the information they need to excel. With a 21st century skill set and a newfound level of confidence, girls and women can advance their ideas and personal drive to change their lives

NGO PARTNERS: Creating Change Together

10x10 partners with international NGO (Non-governmental organizations) which recognize that educated girls can truly change the world. These organizations are in the field every day, working diligently with girls, families, and communities to create a better future for all.

By hosting 10x10 in each country, using the 10x10 film and media for advocacy and education, and by providing ways for you to directly impact the lives of girls, our NGO partnerships are the foundation of the 10x10 campaign and our impact.

“The promise of education is more than just reading and arithmetic.” We couldn’t have said it better ourselves. Our partner CARE knows first-hand that an educated girl is more likely to raise a healthier family and earn more money, which is why CARE is educating girls around the developing world and raising awareness through its Help Her Learn campaign.


10×10 is grateful for the above-and-beyond support of these talented professionals. Our Project Partners are companies that understand the value of being good corporate citizens and are using their expertise, time, and passion to change the world. They are:

• BusinessOnline
• Demandbase
• Jones Day
• MJD Interactive
• Salesforce Foundation
• Katahdin Productions

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