Gender Equality in Nursery Schools

In Sweden, there is no difference when it comes to gender equality teaching between boys and girls.


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About the project Edit

Since 1998, Swedish nursery schools has developed a program to promote equality between the sexes by teaching in a way that reverses traditional boy and girl roles in order to free the children from gender stereotypes, which society generally imposes on the sexes.


In what ways is this project unique and creative? Edit

Some nursery schools have placed the boys and girls in separate groups to give them activities that they do not normally practice. For example, while girls had the opportunity to develop their talents for manual work, the boys were learning how to massage!
Boys are encouraged to "do girl things' sowing or playing with dolls, and girls have more physical activities that involve jumping or playing sports. Also, some teachers have removed toys that suggest that its use is specifically intended for one sex, such as cars or dolls.
Through this girls gain confidence and become more engaged in their environment. The boys in turn improve their understanding of the needs of others.

What is the social value of this project? Edit

The fight against traditional gender roles will create more free space for children. They develop their own personality and are encouraged to become free beings, independent in relation to parental, family, cultural and media pressures.
In this spirit, the school strengthens its mission, which is to train individuals who can think critically and freely - making them capable of challenging predetermined behaviours. This new perspective, according to some educators, must be practiced even vis-à-vis with parents and their values.
Children who have been educated in freeing themselves from traditional roles are more inclined to work in non-traditional gender fields, the cultural norm being girls train as professional caregivers, while boys follow a technology curriculum.

What is the potential of this project to expand and develop? Edit

A study by the National Agency for Education in Sweden was published in 2004, which showed that gender quality teaching was only practiced in 7% of nursery schools. It seems that today, there are many more of these schools. Programs that peruse equal opportunities for children are now required in teacher training.

In terms of international expansion, equal opportunity teaching is still considered a part of Nordic countries. Pilot educational experiences could be developed and implemented in other countries depending on northern feedback. This initiative aims to fight against a number of educational prejudices and to treat with respect the specific local cultural conditions, which ensure that the education of children with respect to gender equality behaviour, is often considered a family responsibility.

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