Is the link between amateur or independent video game creators


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Is the link between amateur or independent video game creators

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What is the social value of this project? Edit

The site helps members get in touch and organize to create video games together even if they’re physically miles apart.

The site is based on a points system that gives points to members when they perform an altruistic act towards another member. The goal of the system is to encourage mutual help and sharing of knowledge between members so that each and every person can experience the fun that comes from helping each other versus selfish competition.

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What was the triggering factor of this project? Edit

Recognizing that digital arts are becoming based more and more on exploiting our impulses (sex, violence, etc.) like scenes in a sterotypical Hollywood film where the muscular hero beats the daylights out of gun-toting bad guys to end up with the chick. It is foreseeable that the video game industry succumb to the same thing eventually. We are already witnessing the same typical scene make its appearance. Just go to any MMORPG site to see a guy in protective gear on one side and a girl in the same kind of armour like “I show more than I protect” on the other.

To avoid fun video scenes that are essentially made up of this kind of thing, attempts to give the power back to independent or amateur video game developers since they are more inclined to be motivated by a deep passion for video games than a desire to make a profit. This then creates a breeding ground for video games rich in meaning, emotion and diversity.

What is the business model of this project? Edit

Entirely financed by its creator for the moment, the site will be funded through donations when the time is ready.

Ultimately, a system that lets members sell their games through the site in exchange for a certain percentage of the profits will become a more stable revenue source that would better guarantee the site’s survival.

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