Fureai Kippu

Japanese sectoral currency aimed at promoting service to the elderly


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About the project Edit

The Fureai Kippu, japanese for Caring Relationship Tickets, is a complementary currency created by the Sawaka Welfare Foundation in Japan. It is a time-based currency whose goal is to promote care and service to the elderly. It is a time-based currency: people earn credits based on the amount of time they are helping people in their community. One hour is one unit of Fureai Kippu.

Seniors can exchange credits when they help each other or credits can be earned by younger community members, who will use these credits when they become themselves sick or old.

In what ways is this project unique and creative? Edit

This complementary currency's goal is not to promote local economy (like most complementary currencies) but rather a specific behavior; in this case, help and care towards senior people.

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