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Supporting the school assistance of children


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Andarapa, Apurimac
PE Peru
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About the project Edit

Responsible organization: Association Solaris, Peru

Location:Andarapa, Apurimac, Peru

The high dropout rates and low school enrollment of children inrural areas is unfortunately a constant in many countriesregion. The Peruvian highlands is no exception.

The Andean Educating Families Project, initiated in 2006, aims to increase school attendance in the rural communities of Huallhuayoc, Cotabamba, Illahuasi, and Puyhualla in the upper Andarapa District.

For more information:
Luis Castro Sanabria, Gerente Técnico de Programas
Tel. 00(511) 613-5050 #156

Cecilia Pilar Carrión Rueda, Asesora Principal del Programa
Tel. 00(511) 613-5050 #270

In what ways is this project unique and creative? Edit

The program designed works on two fronts . It spread awareness for parents on the importance of education to build a better life and escape poverty and the negative effects that absenteeism has on performance. Special attention is paid to break the discrimination affecting girls.

At the level of schools and teachers, an institutional and educational management was formed, more efficient, with teachers better treating students without discrimination by age or sex. Strategies were formulated and implemented, that allow schools to adapt programs as agreed between teachers, parents and students.

To support families actions, a communal surveillance system was implemented to detect children who miss school or who are not enrolled. The community member that identifies the child then talks to the parents to work further on the awareness that children attending school is very important.
Strategies of radio communication were therefore developed with messages produced by members of the community in which they promote education.

What is the social value of this project? Edit

Since a very important part of absenteeism is due to agricultural activities for which the family needs the support of all its members, the project reactivates the ancient practice of "Ayni" in which people in the community jointly support the family labor required, to send their children to school.

What is the potential of this project to expand and develop? Edit

Already, the results are very important. The project reduced more than 90% of absenteeism, the repetition of classes has dropped from 8% to 2%, graduation is now close to 100% like the enrollment rate.

What was the triggering factor of this project? Edit

It arises from a research, led by the Mayor, with the support of the Educational Management Unit of the NGO Andahuayalas and Solaris, in which leaders and community residents participated. It Detected that the absenteeism of children is related to: agricultural activities of which children are responsible for and that match the timing of school hours; chores assigned to girls, the unvalorization of education and the marginalization experienced by girls.
Moreover, school is also responsible for actions that affect attendance: teachers are not very welcoming, especially against older students, and the inequitable treatment against girls.

What is the business model of this project? Edit

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