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esterni is a cultural association which develops ideas, projects,
interventions and designs creative solutions for cities and public spaces. The basic features of its work are a strong ideal tension, an ever-critical way of thinking, as well as on-going research.
Associazione Culturale Aprile - esterni was established in 1995 out of the wish of three young students to do something for their city Milan, that didn’t give room to creativity, to youth people, to culture; a secluded city, unable to invest on the future, where public space was (and still is) increasingly the
object of private interests and stolen from the citizens.
At first they were improvised interventions, extemporary events, collective performances; little by little they started involving an increasing number of people, and turned into a cultural project and a thinking movement.
All the interventions respond to existing problems and are conceived to improve life in the cities,relations among people, to create new spaces for sharing, socialization, and cultural development.
Since the very beginning all the projects have been developed around one main issue: the public space; during the years esterni has created a new and innovative discipline, design pubblico (public design) or design for the public space.

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Public space is where the city recognizes itself as a community, a place for meeting and exchange, allowing cultural and democratic growth, where barriers among individuals are knocked down, the isolation created by private spaces disappears, where conflicts can be settled. When the public space is not designed it is not used, and is more and more subject to private interests; in Milan (and in Italy) this is an actual problem, a true emergency: public space is continuously stolen from citizens, menaced, subject to privatization. Public space is often just the gaps between the buildings. This is why a movement is needed to release, review, and design it, restore it to its main function, protect it. The city belongs to one and all.

In 2007 esterni published a manifesto to explain what public design is, that gives the direction to all its projects in public spaces (past and future):
What is public design A different way of living the city.
A design attentive to the ideas and services for the citizens.
A collective project. A resistance to urban and cultural desertification.
A way to re-discover the socializing potential of the city.
An alternative reading of common places.
A practice of utopia in the public space.

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