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80 rue Paul Diomède 63100 Clermont Ferrand
FR France
Web http://culturestrafic.com/ct/epicentre-cowork/


About the project Edit

Sharing values, cooperating, creating, exchanging, sharing…

Around this project, workers, businesses and associations gather… around the conviction that creation and imagination contribute to transforming society in a positive way if they are anchored in a solidarity economy, active citizenship, people’s successes and respect for the environment…

Epicentre responds to professionals who want to work in a place that offers another vision of their way of working, an entrepreneurship that is more united and more responsible. This workspace is supported by the defragmentation between business areas and the pooling of our networks, our ways, our skills in processes that are actively collaborative for creativity and social innovation.

A true lab of social innovation, we will experience a shared mode of governance and will setup funds to create solidarity (endowment funds, micro sponsorship, subsidies, partnerships, etc.) that will allow the financing of creative and collaborative projects coming from Epicentre coworkers.

And as Clermont Ferrand is at the heart of Massif Central, we would like to make this place into a centre of communication of exchange with telecentres located in the rural areas of this vast region in the middle of France… Interregional networks, networked with national networks, networked with European networks – a distant horizon for all coworkers – to disseminate innovative working methods and invigorating our cooperation with these new solidarity practices.

In what ways is this project unique and creative? Edit

Because it allows us to invent, experience new ways of working and cooperating…
Because it defends a creative, transformative and inspiring economy in an area that needs to communicate, exchange and attract new inhabitants…
Because we focus on positive projects that draw from artistic and technological creativity to contribute to improving our quality of life and make social innovation a priority, to create solidarity between disciplines, business areas, territories…

Involving researchers, entrepreneurs, communities, artists, inhabitants and citizens of our approach, we would like to experience new ways to produce, disseminate, circulate… ideas, people, causes, products.

Innovation occurs at many levels: elaborating a shared and participatory framework of governance (open forums, sociocraty…), cross-funding (funds for solidarity creation), networking and mixing intersectors, free flow of ideas and technologies (free software, exchange experiences, creative weekends, etc.).

This project is being created. We need support!

What is the social value of this project? Edit

A project focusing on cooperation between individuals that allows meetings and interprofessional exchanges, focusing on intergenerational support to encourage the emergence of social enterprises (junior enterprise space)…

What is the potential of this project to expand and develop? Edit

The potential for development is very important in a territory that is today taking up its cultural and creative richness… a cluster dedicated to the professions of music and image and a cluster dedicated to information and communications technologies, regional values centred on solidarity and creativity, growing involvement of European dimensions, desire for a creative city… it’s bustling!

What was the triggering factor of this project? Edit

The desire to create a space for meeting and exchange to participate in a social project with our tools: creativity. It was by attending different international conferences on European projects that we felt the urgency to actively participate in building a bigger project by anchoring ourselves locally. We have always focused on the collective intelligence to build positive and transformative projects. Today, we would like a tool that would allow us to go further in experimentation.

Support from the European Social Fund (ESF) equals 4.2.3 (CREDIS / Auvergne region / European Union) allowed us to launch operations.

What is the business model of this project? Edit

Part of the funding came from coworkers, another will come from events. These actions will allow us to create or setup a place for others. Financial contributions will feed a solidarity creation fund that will also mobilize public funds (local, European) or foundations and micro sponsorship (individuals). This creation fund will finance collaborative and solidarity projects coming from coworkers.


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Les partenaires : CREDIS - Région Auvergne - CRES Auvergne - Le Transfo - URSCOP