New business model helping people light their homes cheaply using solar power


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GB United Kingdom
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In return for a deposit of around $10, the British company Eight19 is supplying poor families in Kenya with a solar cell able to generate 2.5 watts of electricity, a battery that can deliver a 3-amp current to store this electricity, and a lamp whose bulb is an energy-efficient LED. Once the battery is fully charged, it is sufficient to light 2 small rooms and to power a mobile-phone charger for 7 hours. Then, the next day, it can be put outside and charged back up again.

Eight19 takes its name from the time it takes sunlight to reach the earth - 8 minutes and 19 seconds. It's mission is to develop the technologies and manufacturing processes that will bring off-grid solar power to a new generation of users, transforming lives and accelerating economic development.

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