Dock Dock

Small electric car for collectiv use


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One of the greatest challenges to the quality of life in cities is connected to the issues of mobility; the setting up of an equation to provide good quality public transportation and address the needs of individual transport in a limited urban space.

The DockDock, an individual vehicle without private ownership, comes in to contribute in this debate.

Several technological innovations in recent years allow for much more compact and clean vehicles. DockDock aims at occupying the smallest possible module, safely, with a differentiated design, use electricity to power it in a charging system similar to the one of a cell phone.

As it happens in the Velib case, the utilization would be “pay as you go”, and it would be used both in a complementary matter to main mass transit lines and also for short and mid length displacements, with pick up and return stations placed strategically within the city’s fabric.

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