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COLOCO is a work team that was established through exploration and projects in which we strongly believe. We live in a time where dwindling resources and an increasing population will force us to choose between sharing and war.
Supporters professed the first option - we will learn how to save what is not renewable and recycle everything that can be. Time will be an essential component of our work: we will have to manage our lifetime. From today onward, we have a duty to reverse development not to seize resources without use and to create additional constraints that narrow future choices. As development professionals, we have a responsibility to invent.

Beauty is not trivial, and we campaign for sustainable hedonism.
The reflex to protect and to pass down a heritage is a response to the fear of a disaster. But sanctuaries will not be sufficient when dealing with the challenge of preserving the habitability of the planet. Nature is not an ideal state, but a force for renewal.
It is the pleasure of understanding, and doing, which is what deepens respect. That's why we pay attention to public transmission, pedagogy and teaching. It is by changing our opinion that we will change our practices.
The future will create unforeseeable natural, cultural and technological mixing.
We, the contemporary, need to rethink the place of the human race so that we can reinvent humanism.

Practising gardeners, we do not recognize ourselves in the corporatism that defines fields of expertise. We have instead become a symbiotic structure that associates skills on a project basis. A living structure is evolving in response to the environment. This is what allows us to interact with a wide range of people, from consulting to project management to the everyday concerns of domestic private clients.
For every situation, these responses are practical and engaging.


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